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The Jumbie Journal

Sign up for a free subscription to "Jumbie Journal", our semi-monthly e-newsletter. Follow the adventures of African musicians in Detroit, Hungarian bands in Louisiana, photo essays from Jumbie-sponsored music festivals in Ghana and Uganda, and suprises from Brooklyn, Budapest, Bamako and beyond.....

Jumbie Journal Archived Articles

Sonia Lee Jumbie Artist Shows Her Talent
July 2006
by Mark Stone

Legend Hugh Borde and Many Others Come Together to Pay Tribute to Pan in Michigan
July 2006
by Lesley-Anne Graham
Photos by Matty Dread

Terry Herald Attends Holocaust Documentary Screening in Germany
July 2006
by Terry Herald

Életfa and the Hungarian Scouts Have Taken New Brunswick
July 2006
by Raul Rothblatt

AXF2AXF2 Celebrates Even More African Xylophone Music in Second Year
July 2006
by David Rogers

Report on the Xylophone Section of the Ugandan Music Festival
April 2006
by Haruna Walusimbi

Dagara Music Centre Recognized by Ghanaian Ministry of Tourism
July 2006
by Mark Stone

Standing Up to Aid Victims of Deadly Arson
April 2006
by Raul Rothblatt

Recreating the "Pan-Round-de-Neck" Sound October 2005
by Mark Stone

Counting Our Blessings in Louisiana
October 2005
by Raul Rothblatt

Herald's Film Score "Journey to Justice" (October 2005)

Brooklyn Kids Pledge Allegiance to the Gyil (April 2005 by Susie Sokol)

The Embaire of Busoga (April 2005 by Mark Allen Stone)

Jumbie Supporting Xylophone Traditions at Ghana's Fielmuo Kukur Bagr Festival (April 2005 by David Rogers)

Mission to Guinea: Supporting an 800-Year Xylophone Tradition (April 2005 by Raul Rothblatt)

gourdInstrument Corner: How Not to Dry a Gourd February 2005
by David Rogers

Travel Report: Guinea "Fouta, no really..."
February 2005
by Raul Rothblatt

Afro-Brooklyn Reporter: Fashion Meets Fela
December 2004
by Raul Rothblatt

CD Review: Ba Cissoko's Wa-wa Kora Grooves on "Sabolan" (December 2004 by David Rogers)

Travel Report: A Great Night in Guinea with Ba Cissoko (December 2004 by Raul Rothblatt)

Travel Report: Hungarian Harvest Dance 2004 in Arpadhon, Louisiana (October 2004 by Raul Rothblatt)

Brooklyn Scout: The Paluva Hut (October 2004 by Raul Rothblatt)

CD Review: Michael Markus "Magbana" (October 2004 by David Rogers)



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